Looking for a Conference Room for rent?

Showcase your greatest ideas, land your next big deal, or have successful business meetings with our stylish conference rooms for rent. Partner with SPS meeting rooms any time you have a meeting room or conference room need. We have a stylish modern conference room available in Roseville, CA during business hours 8AM to 5PM M-F in a great location next to The Fountains Mall. Our conference and meetings rooms are available on a low per hourly basis.

While a lot of people are using popular face-apps to conduct meetings in their bedroom without pants on, you can stand out with professionalism in person. Being able to shake someone’s hand face-to-face can make all the difference in the world. That’s where SPS meeting rooms can help you close the deal or communicate your business information in person and on a 65″ or larger LCD screen.

Great Location

We are located conveniently close to highway 65 and highway 80 next to the amazing Fountains Outdoor mall containing great Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Whole Foods, and more.

Conference Room Photos

How do you want to meet?

Use our Roseville meeting space to do business a comfortable way. Whether you need to host a crowd or just want to have your own workspace away from home, SPS is here to make your life easier. Use our conference room to pitch campaign ideas, bring in remote workers for a seminar, or even legal depositions. Whether you are traveling or are a local to Roseville CA, SPS is here to fulfill your conference room needs.

Use our room for catering, flatscreen display, audio-visual equipment or in-person greeters. We understand that details matter. From the moment you walk into our meeting space, to signing the biggest deal of your company’s history, we’re here to support you.

Why Choose SPS Meeting Rooms?

Simple from Start to Finish

From the moment you take your seat, SPS makes doing business easier. Book and pay in moments. It’s everything you need for a successful meeting, all in one place.

Built for Business

Say goodbye to hotel foyers and noisy restaurants and say hello to professional spaces. Create the right impression and get the professional experience you and your clients need.​

Fast Reliable Internet

It's kind of a big deal. Our office spaces just happen to be run by a private wireless internet provider (www.succeed.net), so our conference room has full Gigabit connection to stream even the most intense presentation.

Flatscreen LCD Display

Utilize a 65" LCD display set up with wireless connectivity.


Utilize a professional speaker phone if calling out.

Coffee and Snacks

We provide coffee and snacks for every meeting.